Virtual Reality


Virtual Reality Experience

“The virtual reality experience here at Harrods for Xerjoff took me to new dimensions and new worlds. It was just magnificent.”

The Challenge:

It Is The End was approached by Xerjoff, a luxury high-end perfume company, to develop an immersive experience at Harrods as part of a showcase event of exquisite and rare products. This is the most iconic store in the world, so it was essential that this was a world-class experience and that the Xerjoff brand stood out from the crowd. The client wanted the experience to tell their story and at the same time engage audiences from around the world. As a virtual reality and augmented reality specialist, the client knew that It Is The End was the best company to advise and create an experience to meet their requirements.

The Solution:

“That experience was actually amazing. It was nice to get to get an introduction of Xerjoff in this way. I’ve never experienced technology like that before and flying through the product range like that was amazing.”

After listening to the needs of the client, It Is The End planned the experience carefully, even visiting Harrods and the location of the boutique where the event would take place. This enabled the company to mock up a replica of the boutique in VR. This meant that the person would not automatically be taken to a different environment when they first put the headset on, which allowed for maximum immersion. It Is The End then created a simulation whereby the room slowly dissolves in front of them with animated butterflies flying towards them. The person could then fly in the sky beside all the perfume collections of Xerjoff. Following this, they arrived at a grand house with music, dancers and the corporate showreel of Xerjoff playing in front of them enabling them to engage on a unique and more personal level to the brand. It was quite simply an unforgettable and memorable experience.

The Results:

“The virtual reality experience here at Harrods for Xerjoff took me to new dimensions and new worlds. It was just magnificent.”

It Is The End know that the more engaged customers are, the more likely they’ll take action. The experience for Xerjoff not only gained a lot of positive comments and potential new customers, it was also developed on time and to budget. The client was also very happy that the experience exceeded their specification. This interactive experience showed how you can break new ground to show a product range and connect customers to your brand.


Founded 10 years ago, the XERJOFF brand was launched by Sergio Momo. The brand offers a collection of some of the most exquisite, unique and limited-edition scents available in the world today. Years of research and development have culminated in a collaboration of leading international craftsmen combining the distillation, blending and packaging of the precious essences created in Grasse, Spain and Italy. An amalgamation of precious and semi-precious hand cut stones, Quartz, Murano glass, wood, brass, bronze, gold and leather help define each masterpiece which are presented in modern, handcrafted bottles each topped with the signature XERJOFF stopper.