Casual Mobile Game


published on Android by It Is The End LTD

Caporetto is the story of a front-line soldier ready to do anything to carry out his mission.

Survive the bombings, go through the various scenarios and arm yourself to defeat the bosses and score important victories in the Caporetto war.
Caporetto is a casual adventure game with original artwork born from the collaboration of It Is The End Ltd and Digital Lotus.

This is the first chapter of a larger campaign.

Caporetto represents the debut of It Is The End LTD as a publisher.

It Is The End LTD took care of concept, development and marketing using for the character design and art direction of a partner of excellence such as Digital Lotus LTD, a company founded by Claudio Tolomei and Baolong Zhang, both with decades of experience in the field of video games, from mobile to triple-A.

It Is The End LTD

Digital Lotus LTD

Release Date
24 October, 2020 (Android), 24 November, 2020 (iOS)

Android, iOS

Game Engine

Free to play

Digital Download

English, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese